Live Action Role Play is a contact activity and as such you should expect to be hit by the fibre glass or carbon fibre cored foam padded weapons used, however certain safety precautions are required in order to ensure enjoyment for everyone.

1) Always pull your blows and make contact with your opponent with enough force so as they can feel the hit however not so powerful as to actually hurt them. If someone is hitting hard enough to cause real damage to you let either them or a ref know so they can learn to limit the strength used. Don’t just hit back harder.

2) The head, crotch (male), and chest (female) are vulnerable areas; whilst these would be areas your character would target do not strike for these areas deliberately. Any blows landing on them however will still count for damage (some people have been known to ‘head parry’ in systems that discounted head hits).

3) Shield barging and charging (or climbing over) whilst potentially effective tactics in real combat are unsafe for larp, as such they are not allowed.

4) Shields offer excellent protection for the body, arm, and leg areas; however because of this the chance a blow may hit your head is increased. A suitable helmet is therefore advised even if you character does not wear armour.

5) All weapons must be safety checked before use. Bows and crossbows have a maximum draw weight of 30lbs@28” for normal use. Thrown weapons must be coreless or non-solid cored and projectiles (larp (safety) arrows and bolts) must be checked before use.

6) Most Larp weapons are not safe to be stabbed with, only slashing blows are allowed.

7) Don’t take the piss

8) Fighting claws can be more dangerous to the user of the claws than the target, as such they are allowed once the user is aware of the risks.

9) In the event of an injury any Player may use the Man Down call to halt play and alert players in the vicinity to the injury.