Healing within the Hub system comes in several forms; magical spells, potions, and through bandaging or surgery skills. Many of these will heal a character of the injuries they have sustained by restoring lost hitpoints, others will cure specific conditions, eg "set bones" would cure broken bones whilst "Remove Blindness" would restore full sight to a blinded character. If the effect of the spell is unclear to the recipient the caster or a ref will be able to explain the effect.
A character will count as stabalised (and therefore not dying) if they are concious, unconcious with no location below 0 hitpoints, or unconcious with bandages applied to stabalise them or the spell effect "stop bleeding" used regardless of negative hitpoints.

Magical Spells

Any spell culminating with a call similar to "9 heal" will grant the recipient the number of hitpoints specified in the call. These hitpoints may be applied as required to multiple unsevered locations that have taken damage, these locations may be decided by the recipient whether they are concious or not (representing the magic being channelled to the areas in need of healing by the body itself). General healing spells will only restore lost hitpoints and not heal broken bones, paralysis, blindness and other similar conditions which will require further specialist treatment.
If a target has gone into their 5 minute extended death count (after either 5 minutes unaided or 10 minutes with assistance to stem bleeding) this type of healing is the only way to heal a dying character.


Potions can be either Alchemical or Enchanted elixirs, in both cases the stored life magic of the potion will restore hitpoints in the same manner as heling spells or cure specific conditions based on the potion being used. As with healing spells healing potions will not heal broken bones or other conditions unless it is their specific function.
Potions may be used on unconcious characters that are still within their normal (5 or 10 minute) deathcount.

Bandaging and Surgery

Bandaging (1st aid) and Field surgery skills may be used in a variety of ways as described in their skill descriptions to heal a variety of the injuries a character may suffer, however unlike potions and spells only on the location being treated. In both cases suitable bandage phys-reps are required. If the bandages are removed prior to a full rest (between adventures) or magical healing used to augment the treatment, the effect of the 1st aid or field surgery will be lost and any damage re-applied to the location.
1st aid and Field surgery skills can only be used whilst a character is on their normal (5 or 10 minutes) death count