Bleeding and Death

Once a character is unconcious, (i.e. if 2 or more locations are on or below 0 hit points or broken) and at least one location is below 0 hit points they are bleeding and on their death timer. If they are stabilised or healed so no location is below 0 hit points, or healed to regain conciousness (by placing no more than 1 location, excluding the head/torso, below 0 hitpoints) by use of spells or abilities they will be no longer be bleeding and dying. Whilst the character is unconcious they are counted as out of combat for the purposes of regeneration and other abilities that only function out of combat.

During the first 5 minutes of a characters death count they may be healed by any means. Another character attempting to control the bleeding will extend this treatment period to 10 minutes, characters with regeneration always count as having a character treating their wounds like this. After this period is finished the character has another 5 minutes until they die, however during the second period only magical healing may restore or stabalise the wounded character.