Targetting and attack rate

In order for a melee or ranged hit to do damage the player making the attack must first hit their target using a suitable safe weapon based on their characters skills. Any missed, parried, dodged, or glancing blows (including hits on clothing/armour that do not impact the player) inflict no damage. This is down to the judgement of the player being struck.

Additionally whilst arrows and bolts may not be parried or caught, any arrow or bolt hitting a weapon will inflict no damage.

Spells should be targetted by naming or clearly describing the target

As different techniques and weapons have various rates of attack associated with them there is no fixed time between attacks that needs to be observed. However calls should be clearly audible and understandable, Garbled calls will result in the attack causing no damage. Additionally any attack that does not strike from or utilise the full length/roleplayed weight of the weapon will result in no damage being caused. E.g. an inverted slash across the body would count for damage whereas a flurry of taps made by a normally held sword from a few inches away would not.

Taking Damage and Losing Limbs

Once an attack has hit a character and the defense value deducted from the damage of the attack call, the remaining damage is applied to the characters hit points on the location struck. Additionally armour will only reduce damage to a minimum of 1 point, however this damage is non lethal unless the defense value of the armour worn is less than the incoming damage call.

All spells, unless otherwise specified, will target the head/chest of the target. If the location is reduced to 0 or below hit points then it will normally be rendered incapaciated, should a single attack reduce the location by its full hit points the location will become broken. Continued attacks against an incapacitated or broken limb that reduce its hit points to negative the initial hit points for the location will severe the limb entirely. Once 2 or more limbs are incapacitated or broken, or a single limb severed, the wounded character will become unconcious.

The Locations and effects of incapacitation, breakage, and severence defined as:

Head and Torso:

Right Arm:

Left Arm:

Right Leg

Left Leg