These are some basic spells that mage character may be interested in creating or using. Please remember other spells may be created - just ask the system ref.

These are all base cost without any specialisation (please see the overview for more information on specialisation.)

XP Cost
Power Cost
Verbal Length
Major Specialisation Class
Fire Dart 3211sFire
Ice Storm 6664sWater
Arcane Armour (3 points)436sNone
Ethereal Dagger423sNone
Call item (small)212sNone
Weapon +3 Enchanted6410sNone

Note: If you wish to add an elemental call to any of these, i.e. a flaming ethereal dagger, the specialisation class would become fire (i.e. a fire-specced mage would get the specialisation bonus) and the 'Fire' call must be added onto any call made with the spell. The elemental call must be defined at spell creation and must always be used.