All cantrips take 30 seconds to cast and cost 0 powerpoints to cast. They represent the training you undertook to become a mage and are based off the first spell you buy or your specialisation. You cannot get a cantrip without buying a spell and you can only ever have the 1 cantrip which is 0pp. If you wish to replicate any other cantrip they cost 2xp and take 1pp to cast.

Fire - Ignite
Create a small flame for 1 second which will ignite any non-magical flammable substance.

Earth - Shape
Mould a handful in volume of earth/stone into a new form. You cannot change the state (i.e. stone to lava) of the material

Air - Gust
Create a small blast of air. This is not powerful enough to knock anyone over but can blow out a candleflame

Water - Flow
Create a handful in volume of pure clean water that is safe to drink. Does not come with a container.

Healing - Affect Bleeding - ONE of the following options:

Shadow - Affect Light - ONE of the following options: