Alchemical Potions

The list of basic alchemical potions is divided into the 6 ranks of the skill available.

To use an alchemical potion the following rules apply:

With the exception of blade vemons all potions from this list must be drunk or otherwise ingested to take effect.
The number in brackets after a healing potion, poison, or antidote reflects the amount of total damage they heal, inflict, or prevent.
Ingestive poisons apply half their damage effect after 5 minutes and the remainder at 10 minutes.
Damaging (not special call) blade venoms apply their damage effect at the end of a combat.
Special calls are applied immediately for blade venoms, assuming that at least a single point of lethal damage is applied to the target.
Ingestive special effects are applied after 10 minutes, with the final effect hinted at after 5 minutes.
General antidotes (antidote (3) etc) will prevent poison damage being applied at either the final or midway point of a poison, but not both.
Specific antidotes (paralysis Antidote etc) will only affect the poison they are created to counteract, preventing the final effect of the poison occuring. They will not cure any other cause of the same effect.
Resistance potions and strength/toughness potions take effect immediately and continue for 10 minutes unless the resistance is used within that time (or until the end of 1 combat encounter if they were taken just before or during it).

Final Poison Effect
Initial Effect
Feel Drowsy
Heavy Limbs
Blurred Vision
Feel Drained and generally ill

Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 6

Rank 1

Heal (3)
Blade venom (3)
Ingestive venom (6)
Antidote (3)
Smelling salts (cure sleep)

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Rank 2

Heal (6)
Blade venom (6)
Ingestive venom (12)
Antidote (6)
Sleep Ingestive
Sleep Antidote
Paralyse Ingestive
Paralysis Antidote

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Rank 3

Heal (9)
Blade venom (9)
Ingestive venom (18)
Antidote (9)
Toughness 1 (+3 hits per Location)
Blind Ingestive
Blind Antidote
Cure Paralysis
Distil light Naphtha (grenade, 9 fire on hit)

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Rank 4

Heal (12)
Blade venom (12)
Ingestive venom (24)
Antidote (12)
Toughness 1 (+3 hits per Location)
Fatal Ingestive
Fatal Antidote
Sleep Blade Venom
Paralysis Blade Venom
Cure Blindness
Resist Sleep (once)
Resist Paralysis (once)

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Rank 5

Heal (15)
Blade venom (15)
Ingestive venom (30)
Antidote (15)
Blind Blade Venom
Resist Blind (once)

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Rank 6

Heal (18)
Blade venom (18)
Ingestive venom (36)
Antidote (18)
Fatal Blade Venom
Toughness 2 (+6 hits per location)
Strength (+3 damage with melee/thrown weapons)
Resist Fatal (once)
Distil Heavy Naphtha (grenade, 18 fire)
Feign Death (appears dead for duration)

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