Base Hit Points and Power Points

Every Character regardless of race starts with 9 hit points per location and 0 power points.

Starting Experience

A normal Character begins with 10 experience points to purchase skills with. Some player created races may have racial abilities that require some of this initial experience to be sacrificed, if this is the case the ref team will inform you how much experience is sacrificed.

As a character gains experience, normally through adventuring, they may improve the skills they possess, purchasing new skills or higher ranks of existing skills.

Character Creation Walk-through


First choose your race as per the Races page.


Then choose your focus as per the Focus page.


Then choose your skills as per the Skills page, noting the skill descriptions in the Skills Desc. section.

If you are a magic user, you will also need to look at the Magic Overview page to decide on a specialisation (if appropriate) and your cantrip and discuss your spells with the refs.


You will need to calculate your Active Dexterity and Defense Rating (based on armour and active dexterity) (see: Defense and your hit points, as well as the damage you can do.

Starting Equipment and Money

Characters begin their 1st adventure with an amount of money dependent on their race with which initial equipment may be purchased. Further money of various types can be obtained through adventuring or use of skills to produce items for other adventurers. The starting funds of a character may be chosen from 1 column appropriate to the characters race, player created races may only start with Hub credits.

Human Currency
Elven Gems (average quality)
Hub Credits
Elf02 Large150
Human2 gold 5 silver0150