These are not the only races available however they do make up the most common races within the Hub. Additional races may be created by consulting with the GMs. Special powers may be included as part of the magical spells ability and will cost some of the characters initial xp.

Further information on these races can be found in the background section.


A tribal culture where leadership is decided by strength and age. Minimum phys-rep: Yellow/Green/Orange rings around the eyes. Can have totally coloured green/yellow/orange scaled skin with tusks


Run by a monarch, King Aran II, and organised into nine duchies, they tend to borrow ideas from other cultures and are very flexible. Minimum phys-rep: None, humans look basically, well, human.


Made up of many different subspecies and Families, they are talented at magic use. For historical and background reasons there are no dark or shadow elves in Hub, and no created race to simulate them will be accepted. Minimum phys-rep: A coloured band across the eyes dependent on Family. Can have totally coloured smooth skin and pointed ears.

Racial Skill Bonuses

Your choice of race will affect your skills as each race is more naturally gifted in different skill sets. The skill sets are:

Skill Set
CombatAbility to hit things, or be hit.
SurvivalAbility to be sneaky, subtle and stay alive.
MagicAbility to make things go boom. Or not boom.

There are no basic races that specialise in Survival skills, however as stated above, players may consult with the GMs about new races if desired.

Skill XP costs for the races vary as follows: