The world of Hub has four different monetary systems.


Humans have a simple coinage system:

1 Goldweight = 10 Silverweight
10 Silverweight = 10 Bronzeweight


Orcs use a barter system, like for like, which obviously depends on how the vendor and buyer view the worth of the items being brought and sold.


Elves trade in gem stones, the gems used depend on the elemental affinity of the elves in question. A type of gem that is not the vendor's usual (i.e spending sapphires at a fire elven shop) is generally taken as lesser value, up to half.

Fire elves – Rubies
Water elves – Emeralds
Air elves – Sapphires
Earth elves – Quartz
Light elves – Diamonds

In general:

1 average quality large gem = 2 average quality medium gems = 1 very high quality medium gem
1 medium gem = 1 very high quality small gems.


Due to the different races and monetary systems on the continent, Hub itself deals in credit notes, the exchange rate decided by the Merchant’s Guild monthly. Essentially via a pawn shop system, money, gems and goods can be taken to an Exchange and traded for a credit note which is then signed by the Exchange and the customer. On buying something with a credit note, the note is signed by both parties on the exchange, and so on. Change is dealt with by either a smaller credit note or goods – which can then be exchanged for a credit note.

A correctly signed note can then be taken to an Exchange to be reconverted, or goods purchased from the Exchange.

People tend to use hard currency for small purchases and the vendor converts them to credit notes. Minimum credit notes are 10c. Credit notes are issued in Credits.

Money Tables

Prices are not given for Orcs as they use a barter system.

Good horse20g2 high quality large *1000c
1H Sword1g2 medium50c
Night at an inn5b2 or 3 small5c deducted per night **
Dagger3s1 medium10c
Mug of ale1bN/A1c deducted per mug.**
Glass of wine2b1 low quality small2c deducted per mug **
Good meal2b1 small1c deducted per meal **

* Depends on where the elves are from - water elves are very unlikely to use horses.
** Only tabs can be opened.


Lodgings in Dagger = 15c/week (or 50c/month)
Lodgings in Flash = 30c/week (or 100c/month)