Every world has its legends, and the world of Hub is no different.

The Sundering

Tales tell of a cataclysm that occurred 6,000 years ago that caused the earth itself to shatter and the sea to boil. Elven books tell of powers being lost and proud races dying in seconds to Oblivion. Human legends say that Luminorís light banished the darkness, and Orcs tell fireside tales of the great War Goddess fighting an epic battle that raged across the lands. The legends whisper the name Oblivion and hope that no one hears.


Elder dragons have not been seen since the Sundering. However, there may be eggs buried with the earth and occasionally young dragons are spotted and dealt with by enterprising adventurers


One of the many names for a deity only mentioned in legend. Also known as The Fel Lord, The Ending, Soul Reaper, and so on.

Shadow Elves

Occasionally someone asks why there are light elves with no complementary shadow elves. Even the elves donít know other than suggesting that they died in the Sundering, if, indeed they ever existed. Sometimes, however, a glimpse of midnight dark skin moving through the alleyways of Hub makes people wonder.