The central lands are those of the humans, and are made up of cities, towns, and villages scattered amongst wooded areas and fields. The capital city of the human inhabintants of the continent is Winterholm, sitting on the edge of the northern mountain range. Due to the remote location of the capital the southern city, Summerholm, acts as a central hub for the human lands and is often referred to as the capital.

The human lands are split into nine dutchies with the tenth portion, centered around Winterholm, owned by the reigning monarch. Each dutchie has it's own local Duke or Duchess who is responsible for the maintainance of the land under their rule, reporting to the monarch. At present King Aran II is the monarch. Most of the monarchy have some relation to each other, Queen Bethani being one of the kings second cousins. Aran has a daughter, the Princess Royal Lisibeth, by his first wife, Hilla, who was banished to an estate before mysteriously disappearing, and son, Prince Christoph by his current wife. While Lisibeth is the Heir, there have been rumours surfacing hinting that Aran would prefer his son as the next monarch.

Below the Dukes and Dutchesses there are a series of minor nobles looking after the estates and running the day to day matters of the country. There is a standing army which, whilst mainly ceremonial now, is kept well trained. The three sections of this army are; the Royal Guard, who keep order in and protect the capital, the Terra Guard, a land based army to protect the land based territories, and the Sea Guard, who assist in protecting Hub and its waters.

Humans, whilst not especially talented in any one area are well versed in almost any matter they turn their efforts to. Innovation and import of ideas stand side by side as borrowed ideas are taken from other races and modified. As a result the major deity is Luminor, god of light, with Ebon, goddess of night, also revered. There are an additional pantheon of lesser deities worshipped for anything that a person has thought a deity was needed for.

The majority of Luminors' followers assert the teachings of the church of the shining light, stating that Ebon is a threat to Luminor and not as many minor branches postulate his consort. As an extension of the polytheistic nature of human religion there are several sects that believe both Luminor and Ebon should be revered equally.

Human lands are also the most common place to find half-bloods, whilst orcs and elves can interbreed there are very few known unions between them. An average human lifespan is around 80 years outside of the adventuring community.